About me


I’m Sharon Kenny

I believe like the best, it’s the knocks in life that make us know ourselves better. I’m in a very happy relationship, but if I didn’t go through my break up and work my way out of it, I wouldn’t be as good at doing this job. As they say, whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and there’s nothing better than giving love and receiving it in return.

I’ve read, studied and practised so much to be fulfilled and I make sure each and every one of my clients do the best that they can do, to make them be as fulfilled as they can be, so they are in the right place for going forward to create a loving happy intimate relationship.


Active clients

Happy couples

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It starts with you

I believe in keeping it simple. You don’t need to go to an expensive restaurant on the first date. There is loads of time! 

It truly is about chatting without having to focus on anything else. I’m here to give you all the tools necessary to help you create a bond with your future.


36 Questions that lead to Love

You have no idea how my passion exploded when I read this article that went viral in the New York Times. Professor Arthur Avon and his wife Elaine Avon PhD, have been working on ways and methods of falling in love. They came up with 36 Questions. I'm taking it one...

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