Dating that person you can’t be without!


Let’s meet and I’ll find you your
Unique Match to create a Flame!

  • Give us a call 0860711711
  • Sharon meets you in our chilled and private office, or will meet you at a venue more convenient to you.
  • Sharon finds out what’s important to you from age, to hobbies and interests, personalities that click with you, to backgrounds that are similar.
  • It is whatever is important to you that matters.
  • So give us a call now and if we have the right person for you,  you will be introduced & dating within 2 weeks.
  • Call or text 0860711711 

Testimonials in Texts say it All

I know I am doing a fantastic job when I get recommended by every client I have.
Below are some texts:
“Sharon! U done good girl!! So happy!!…This couple I bumped into last night and to see the way the look at each other makes me feel I have the best job ever! Of course bumping into them means I’m a friend as it is all very private and discrete!”
Meeting again during week”…. After the first date I often get asked.
“Well what did he/she think of me?”. It is such a fun process.
I get back and see where the ground lies, if necessary. If it is only one sided, I go as far as explaining the chemistry wasn’t there and I’m there to listen to how the next date can be improved on :)
AIM: Find Mr/Mrs Right in three dates. I pride myself on 80% success rate!“
“John was very nice… “In this text the lady presumed because she did not get a text back two days later John wasn’t interested. He thought she was absolutely lovely. Moral…Don’t judge to quickly.”Brunch date arranged….he was really easy to chat to….I could get used to this… “.
This says it all. With the right laid back attitude you can have fun and enjoy the process and meet great people with the aim of meeting the right one!
Feel these texts show I am very involved and get constant feedback and I am always there for my clients and genuinely get to know most clients life story, which brings us very close. I am like a big/little sister… And boy do I love it! :)
 ”There is good and and bad in every business. Sharon is one of the brilliant though. I’m madly in love thanks thanks to her input!” Ester from Meath


As The MatchMaker I see people Making the same simple Mistakes again and again!

New Years Resolutions are usual about physical and mental health and normal singles ignore the relationship side of things.
Valentines day is when you keep your head down, when it’s really about your turn to find that Special person who ticks all your boxes.
What better way to be mentally fitter and give you drive than falling in love.

It’s about Change and making the Right Choices.

If you want things to change you have to change what you are doing.
You must know what your Goal is.
You are actually stuck and need to fine tune your Goal.
Are you looking for a Genuine Relationship?
Are you looking for Mr or Mrs Right?
or are you looking for a fling?

One Case…..

“Joe” not his real name. Aged 41 came to me, The MatchMaker looking for Mrs Right. He’s a handsome man and wants to have children with the right lady. His problem, he was not getting as far as a relationship, as he was moving too fast and by date three, he got fed up. The solution was advising him to stop ” trying sleeping with them” so soon and get to know the lady for who she is first. The point was he was thinking of the moment and Mrs Right for now, when if he kept his mind on his goal he would have Mrs Right! So last month he went on a date with Sophie. He focused on what he wanted and only a month later they are dating…

So you must work out..

What specifically do you want… Mrs/Mr Right?
What is stopping you from having your desired partner? … I can tell you that!
What resources do you need to help you get who you want? … Me
Why? Because what you have been doing hasn’t worked!
Make that Change and Let me Give YOU a helping hand.
Call 0860711711 and chat soon

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