Get YOU started now with The Matchmaker, Sharon Kenny

It doesn’t matter whether you have make the wrong choices to date. All your Relationship genuinely get you closer to Mr/Mr Right.

We are in a Relationship for:

1. A Reason 

2. A Season 

3. Forever 

It all boils down to you and your growth. It starts with LOVING YOURSELF first. It sounds so obvious, but so many of us criticise ourselves on an on going basis. Even the most confident clients have their achilles. So many clients put work first and then say, “I should have come to you years ago”.

Unlike other dating agencies or matchmakers, I make sure you are in the right place. The average person is in 3 Relationships in their life. Sometimes it’s with the same person as you Grow and Change together with age and maturity. You MUST know you. I’m here to help you know yourself better. Nobody who is genuinely looking for love wants to be not be there forever. Not even the so called players on on line dating. It’s hard going back on line dating again and again.

You must be you. The imperfect real you. As they say everyone else is taken. Stop trying to change others. Stop procrastinating and over analysing. As I often tell people it’s not the most stunning person who picks up their match, it’s the person who is having the fun and looks happy and content. 

So what if you don’t feel your ready. You motivate yourself. Take the bull by the horns. Stop critising you and start now. 

You need to feel:

Gratitude, strength and commitment and love WILL come your way. I’m there to tell you where you are going right and wrong. You can text me around the clock and I’ll get back asap to help you.

After getting you sorted:

1. Let’s build your self confidence, knowing your values, qualities (which many over look) and respect.

2. Let’s do your “Circle of Life” and balance your heart & head.

3. Through your “Dream Board” we will discover your needs and wants.

75% go for like. Let’s make sure you know your type. 

So let’s see love go your way.

Contact me today, just send a hi to 0860711711. I’ll come back and remember, we are made to thrive not survive. So get moving now. 

There is no better feeling than loving and receiving love in return.


Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker Sharon Kenny

Ireland’s No.1 Matchmaker Sharon Kenny


Rather than asking clients for testimonials, please find some of the texts I get back. Mainly telling me how I am hands on and looking after them. Unlike other dating agencies, if you’re not happy with the match, there will be no charge! My aim is to find everyone I take on, their perfect partner. A match made in heaven!!! I believe in Love and am lucky enough to be there. My aim is to spread the love and find it for you also!

Sharon introduced us three years ago. Because of my job I feel bad not putting up our names. But I have never been happier. We are together 2 years and have a little girl Avril, who was born in April.

We can not thank Sharon enough From us. I went on my first date I met Paul. I then went on my 2nd and 3rd but knew I’d like to see Paul again. Sharon pushed him to go out with me again. (He wasn’t impressed because he felt I dumped him). Without Sharon encouraging him I wouldn’t be with him now! Sharon gives it ALL! Michelle from Dublin

I met Helen through Sharon on my second date. Sharon told me I needed to basically “man up” and not to be such a softy that it made me look weak. She told me to give better eye contact and a stronger hand share.

Thank you Sharon for my new confidence…that was always there, but just needed to believe in myself. Helen and I are still together..I definitely feel it was through Sharon’s extra input. She really does care about all her clients! Bill from Cork age

Love you to bits Sharon. You are really like a sis I never had. You gave me hope when others were saying they wouldn’t take me on ! Jane from Cork