Testimonials up to July 2017

_20170712_154526Hi there I’m Sharon Kenny, The Matchmaker.ie.

I have had many years of happy memories in the Matchmaking business.

I felt today I wanted to share some of those happy experiences with you.

So todays Blog is a list of testimonials from just a few of the wonderful couples I’ve put together.

I hope you enjoy reading through them even a fraction as much as I enjoyed matching them.



“I have availed of Sharon Kenny’s service and have found it to be very professional, and I have found love with Max”

F.C (female 29)


“If it was not for you Sharon I wouldn’t have dated and matched or be in a relationship for the last 2 years!”




“Heard you on Liveline U were great. Myself & L**** are still together. Thanks for the introducing us Kind Regards D”


“Hi Sharon. This is D you matched me with C last August…. Very successfully I have to say….. Just letting you know we got engaged today. Another success story Sharon…. Will keep you updated…. Thanks again for the perfect match you were spot on!!”

D (male 57) engaged to C (female 49)


“Sharon P and I are getting Married!! Thanks to you and God!! Massive and endless thanks for bringing us together.

You made me the luckiest girl in the world! Its gonna be a low key intimate family wedding next summer cant wait”

C.M (female 49)

Marrying p (male 55)





“Sharon we have a date on Wednesday at 5pm and I cant wait to see her again. We are going to Mass together first then a meal afterwards. What a lovely lady and I love her to bits xx”

B.O’B (male 61)





So you can see from just some recent Testimonials love is out there to be had. There are people searching for a relationship just like you are! I can find them for you and match them with you.

Age is irrelevant I have clients from their 20s to their 80s!

Join me and I Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker.ie will find your perfect partner for you.

I dint invent love but I did perfect it 😉

Thank you all for your continued support, my wonderful clients, my Blog readers, my family & friends & all those wonderful souls on my social media you make this passion of mine a joy.

Keep loving yourself

Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker.ie


Best Dating Advice

Love yourself first

Love yourself first

4 Best Start for First Dates
Are you ready for love

Whether you’re 39 years old and concerned about a ticking clock,
32 years old and feel you’re the last of your friends.
55 and not sure how you get started again,
74 and feeling you don’t want to be the next 20 years alone.
I’m here to advise and hopefully lead you down that path to love!

The single people are out there but it’s hard to get the time to find the right one.
It is vital to think of our bucket list and know what you really want.
It’s about meeting the right person by opening up as many ways as possible.
Be creative and connect meeting that partner by doing your bucket list and refining what you truly want.
I have so many clients who come to me and have every aspect of their life sorted. All they need is that unique partner to share it with.
Dating online works for 1%, so if you have the time, Tinder is good to try and POF also. They are free too. Be prepared to meet a lot of messers and fake profiles. However there are genuine people out there though searching is time consuming!

Take up a hobby to meet new and interesting people.
Open up every avenue. Different approaches suit different people, but the more you do the more likely you are to meet your dream partner.

When going on that special date, within the first 8 seconds we make judgements about one another. This could be one of the most important “interviews” of your life. Look your very best. Be the best version of you.
I advise ladies to meet for a drink rather than a walk as men are very visual. Sarah 35 went on a date with Sam 39. Sarah wanted to make an impression. Please ladies, if in doubt ask me. You never show to much leg AND a low cut top. One or the other. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Leave the past relationship behind. Be genuine and wholesome. (For more info on leaving your baggage behind feel free to email Sharon@thematchmaker.ie)
I got Gabriel (age 44) to do an exit list. This is to deal with all baggage and be in a happy place for going forward. He was still name calling in relation to his ex. Write down all your exs. Add what you learned from that relationship and in your head, send her a thank you letter. You’ve discovered more about what you don’t want which means you won’t make the same mistake again.
Those who come to The MatchMaker have gone through a profile and been given tips and advice to suit you. You are meeting that person because they have qualities and aspirations that match yours. Don’t be afraid to discuss them.

Have fun, respect yourself and is chemistry there make sure you really get to know each other emotionally first.
100% of people who come to the matchmaker are looking for a genuine relationship and find they are making bad choices. I unblock you and help love go your way. I get rid of the messers and advise you where you can be a better you. You are now opening up for a loving and lasting relationship.

At the matchmaker we have to separate the men from the boys, the players from the lovers and the guys who just want to date from the guys who want to get married. It’s up to you to let us know what you are looking for. This is where you can save months of dating as you know these details from the start. It’s just to find next is there that potential spark with you.
One of the most enjoyable part is being like that magic middle lady that can find out what the other half is thinking. There are so many relationships I’ve helped save through lack of communication by not keeping that balanced momentum going and being able to help people by advising you in the right avenue.

E.g. Jill (not her real name) age 54 really likes Martin. He’s 59. She’s more interested in him than the other way around. If the balance isn’t equal it’s hard to keep the relationship going. Instead of her worrying about it ending I’ve encouraged her to believe in herself take a chill pill. Within 3 weeks the relationship is now going strong and at a speed they are both acceptable with. If I wasn’t there for the advice this would never have lasted!

So again be the best version of yourself. Be kinder to yourself. Be happy.

If privacy, trust, advice and time are issues for you. Call me and if nothing else we can have a chat and see can I help you! Call or text Sharon 0860711711

Here’s to love

Sharon xx


Rather than asking clients for testimonials, please find some of the texts I get back. Mainly telling me how I am hands on and looking after them. Unlike other dating agencies, if you’re not happy with the match, there will be no charge! My aim is to find everyone I take on, their perfect partner. A match made in heaven!!! I believe in Love and am lucky enough to be there. My aim is to spread the love and find it for you also!

Sharon introduced us three years ago. Because of my job I feel bad not putting up our names. But I have never been happier. We are together 2 years and have a little girl Avril, who was born in April.

We can not thank Sharon enough From us. I went on my first date I met Paul. I then went on my 2nd and 3rd but knew I’d like to see Paul again. Sharon pushed him to go out with me again. (He wasn’t impressed because he felt I dumped him). Without Sharon encouraging him I wouldn’t be with him now! Sharon gives it ALL! Michelle from Dublin

I met Helen through Sharon on my second date. Sharon told me I needed to basically “man up” and not to be such a softy that it made me look weak. She told me to give better eye contact and a stronger hand share.

Thank you Sharon for my new confidence…that was always there, but just needed to believe in myself. Helen and I are still together..I definitely feel it was through Sharon’s extra input. She really does care about all her clients! Bill from Cork age

Love you to bits Sharon. You are really like a sis I never had. You gave me hope when others were saying they wouldn’t take me on ! Jane from Cork