First Time Ever I Saw Your Face! (First Date Advice)

dating coupleThey say you only get one chance to make a first impression, this of course is absolutely true.
We all make immediate decisions and conclusions on a person the minute we see them.
Here at I believe in giving straight up advice to my clients when I send them on a first date. From appearance to conversational no nos.
So I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a short list of do’s and don’ts for the big night!

Make a concerted effort with your appearance. The most important thing is of course cleanliness.
Now you may think “Jeez Sharon we all know to shower before a date!”
But you wouldn’t believe how many people go out in a shirt they’ve worn the night before or old jeans, so while they may have had a shower it doesn’t look it.
So keep the outfit simple, stylish, & above all something that’s clean and suits you and you feel comfortable in.
Clean well-groomed hair is a must for both men and women!



Wear anything that you feel uncomfortable in, or that you have to adjust constantly. It will make you look nervous and you wont look confident.


Relax and try have fun. This isn’t a job interview! It’s supposed to be fun! Let your sense of humour shine! Display your intellect, don’t be afraid to be you! Be confident and relaxed and of course be yourself.




Talk about the exes!! I cannot stress this enough! Here at I advise all my clients so many times no to mention their exes. It’s suffice to say you were married and now divorced, or that you had one long-term relationship and are now single.
Don’t go into details about the breakup or how you feel about it. Steer clear of that one!
Feel free to do something different to the normal coffee or drink. How about a walk in the park if that’s more your thing?
Be comfortable and safe with whatever you decide to do.

Meet someone from online in their home or invite them to yours! Safety with online dating is paramount. Who people say they are online may not be who they actually are.
I think that’s why coming to me #SharonKenny at is a safer better option.
I personally vet each person thoroughly!
But if you must online date do give as much details including phone numbers of the individual you are meeting.


Smile and have fun, swap fun stories and above all enjoy your evening. Don’t rush ahead too fast allow any potential relationship to develop in its own natural time.

well dressed couple



Be late! It’s polite to be on time it shows respect for your date and demonstrates interest.
Of course if unforeseen circumstances delay you, that can’t be helped. So call or message to explain I would always advise a call. A phone call stands out today in a world of texting.





Well I hope I have given you some basic tips to help make your first date as successful as can be.
I will of course go into more details on upcoming blogs about good outfits for different types of dates etc..
But for now relax enjoy the dating and if you find the harsh world of online dating too much for you, don’t hesitate to contact me Sharon Kenny at #The and I will find you your perfect match!
Keep Loving Yourself
Lots of Love
Sharon Kenny The

Testimonials up to July 2017

_20170712_154526Hi there I’m Sharon Kenny, The

I have had many years of happy memories in the Matchmaking business.

I felt today I wanted to share some of those happy experiences with you.

So todays Blog is a list of testimonials from just a few of the wonderful couples I’ve put together.

I hope you enjoy reading through them even a fraction as much as I enjoyed matching them.



“I have availed of Sharon Kenny’s service and have found it to be very professional, and I have found love with Max”

F.C (female 29)


“If it was not for you Sharon I wouldn’t have dated and matched or be in a relationship for the last 2 years!”




“Heard you on Liveline U were great. Myself & L**** are still together. Thanks for the introducing us Kind Regards D”


“Hi Sharon. This is D you matched me with C last August…. Very successfully I have to say….. Just letting you know we got engaged today. Another success story Sharon…. Will keep you updated…. Thanks again for the perfect match you were spot on!!”

D (male 57) engaged to C (female 49)


“Sharon P and I are getting Married!! Thanks to you and God!! Massive and endless thanks for bringing us together.

You made me the luckiest girl in the world! Its gonna be a low key intimate family wedding next summer cant wait”

C.M (female 49)

Marrying p (male 55)





“Sharon we have a date on Wednesday at 5pm and I cant wait to see her again. We are going to Mass together first then a meal afterwards. What a lovely lady and I love her to bits xx”

B.O’B (male 61)





So you can see from just some recent Testimonials love is out there to be had. There are people searching for a relationship just like you are! I can find them for you and match them with you.

Age is irrelevant I have clients from their 20s to their 80s!

Join me and I Sharon Kenny The will find your perfect partner for you.

I dint invent love but I did perfect it 😉

Thank you all for your continued support, my wonderful clients, my Blog readers, my family & friends & all those wonderful souls on my social media you make this passion of mine a joy.

Keep loving yourself

Sharon Kenny The



3 Vital Steps for finding your Unique Match in 2017

I’ve been matchmaking 30 years now and this is my 10th year professionally spreading the love.
My biggest discovery is thinking we know what we want but deep down there are parts we don’t. Why? Because so many of us don’t take the time out to look after us. My youngest client is 27 and my eldest client now is 79. Today I met a lovely entrepreneurial chap age 33. We will call him Chris as Christmas is just over. Chris was so prepared (which is not necessary because I can also help you with this). He has been in a relationships since he was 17 and so happy in himself that he has just taken three years out. Chris felt ignored and bossed in his relationships. This is because his parents split and he felt he didn’t get support from his Mum. As a teenager he was looking for that other half and chose exactly what his Mum was. A partner who is non supportive. He came to me knowing what kind of supportive relationship both ways he was looking for.

Step 1 is you.
How did you get along with your parents? Your siblings? Was there a favorite? How did you feel if it was you/ if it wasn’t you? Where you the carer, truth teller or the baby? This is all part of your awareness and understanding why you think the way you do instead of blaming.The purpose is to help you feel as happy and fulfilled as you can be to give you the best chance in feeling all loved up so you can give it back.

Chris was able to look back over his last three relationships and see a pattern, that I was going to help him break. He went for domineer girls who brought him down just like his Mum did. Now it was his time to appreciate where he is now. A successful business man who has all right in his life except for love. His head is now in the right space. This will encourage love through the right chanels. Me the matchmaker being one of them.

Step 2 be you
Be the best you can be. First impressions do count. It is amazing how much you remember about that first look even 30 years later. Couples remember scent clothes image and a smile. Put your best foot forward. He the most content and secure you can be. Do not over dress or underdress. Be comfortable in your clothing. This makes you happy in your own skin, which brings out the best in you.

Step 3 fulfilled you
Know what you like. Know where you feel most comfortable but don’t meet in your local. Unlike other dating agencies I do not agree about meeting for a meal first. Meet for a drink. There is nothing worse than been stuck with someone who you feel isn’t your type at all and working off the time. A drink also means better eye contact. We also learn more by what’s not said and pick up more. Then go for an early bird. Spontaneity creates excitment which also creates chemistry.

Here’s to love in 2017 and I am the matchmaker who will make it work for you. Remember make this a goal as resolutions are different. They are made to be broken. Let me help you find love.

Call me asap 0860711711

Sharon xx

5 Reasons to go to Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker

Sharon Kenny The matchmaker

Sharon Kenny The matchmaker

  1. “As the only matchmaker who looks after you from start to finish. Sharon Kenny gave me her direct line and ANY questions she was there for me”. Darren age 37 from Dublin
  2. “Sharon not only meets you she gives you professional feedback. When she told me the mistakes I was making, they were so obvious it made me change my approach. I was coming across as needy. I am happier in myself now and far more confident thanks to Sharon’s advice”.  Tara from Limerick age 39
  3. “The Matchmaker put me out on three dates I was very impressed with the feedback I got after each date. She didn’t rush them and I have no doubt she put my needs first. I am happy to recommend Sharon. I am now dating. One step at a time. All good so far!” John from Cork age 34
  4. “Sharon felt like my big sister. I though I knew it all till I met her. I didn’t have the time or interest to meeting Mr Right in the pubs or clubs. two date later. I’ve dated both guys, but I want to be picky and looking forward to my 3rd date. I am learning what I really want in a relationship”. Jill from Galway age 39
  5. “Chemistry is everything to me and Sharon matchmade me with Bill on my first date. I was out on a date within 3 weeks. I am still on date one and no intention to trade him in”. Thank you Sharon. Sinead age 54

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

  1. No.1 Dating Agency

What ladies really want in a Man

The Dating Agency

The Dating Agency

Do looks matter?

Of course they do…from the start but it will not be the thing that holds you together.

You have often seen a stunner on an below average looking guy and why?

Noooo…It’s not all about money, it’s about his attitude.

Ladies love

1. Confidence

2. Fun

3. Comfortable Energy, a guy happy in his own skin.

It is definitely not all about looks for ladies.

Where do some guys go wrong?

My favourite movie ever is HITCH. It really shows is a guy tries to hard that the ladies get bored. It really is about a bit of a chase and finding that common ground or opposite ground which can also work!

Even middle ground for the guys, where they make you feel special. They are interesting and interested in you. They make you laugh and you feel that overall feeling of contentment! That warm feeling of being needed!

So if your single and ready to find that Special me 0860711711 and lets ignite that flame!

Sharon …The MatchMaker


The Dating Agency you go to when you are looking for that Genuine match

Looking For Love

Are you really looking for love or just out with your friends?

Do you find with groups in gangs five and more it is impossible to meet someone

It is true and as the top dating agency in Dublin I have the answers..

Call and let me see where you are coming from 0860711711

I am the only Dating Agent in Dublin that meets all the ladies and men individually.

No point just meeting the men and getting someone else to meet the ladies.

It’s my gut feeling that has me matching 80% in three dates who date!

Hope it will be you


Lots of love, Sharon

Sharon Kenny

When love goes your way

When love goes your way

My name is Sharon Kenny, I am the MatchMaker in Ireland that makes a difference to your life.

I have been in the Dating Agency business in Ireland for five years now. I started Matchmaking even before I left school. I set up five couples for their debs night and have been Matchmaking ever since. After I matched family members and friends with partners, I realised I had a unique and special talent, which was put to good use after I ran social and fun events for the over 28’s, and so began my journey into the business of Matchmaking. I have never looked back! few can say they love their job:), I am one of the lucky ones.

From there, people asked me to match make them, so I started one of the best and most respected dating agencies in Ireland.

I am a relationship expert on many Radio stations from Q102 in Dublin to Redfm in Cork and also give advice and recommend approaches to clients daily. With one aim!….to make sure love goes their way.

A journalist from the Irish Times who is doing a piece tomorrow on a young lady of 27 yrs who is single and how she should deal with meeting Mr Right. I asked her why she came to me even though I am not at the Top of the search engines. She said, “because you came across the most caring and genuine”. That means a lot, because that is who I am and linked with finding you the perfect partner, that is my aim in your search for Love. (The article will be in the Irish Times tomorrow 8/10/13). More and more professional females are becoming disillusioned about meeting Mr Right in their early years. Many clients as young as 24 who are in legal firms, accountants, teachers, HR, and nurses, see attractive wonderful ladies in their late 30’s and are starting with Dating Agencies including, because they don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket. They want to settle down now and not feel as if they may have to settle for second best in their later years.

The Gents are usually self employed, same thing, worked hard and maybe played hard and now realise, I want a family, as apposed to the ladies feeling, I want a man. They usually work in careers that are male orientated like engineers, architects, accountant, I.T. teaching, medicine, science.

At the end of the day they have one thing in common.
They have everything going for them but love!
That’s where I come in…So if you’re in your mid to late 20’s, and 30’s 40’s,50’s, 60’s, or any age really…and looking for that special love in your life, consider that helping hand. Call me Sharon 0860711711 and let me bring love your way! 🙂


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Rather than asking clients for testimonials, please find some of the texts I get back. Mainly telling me how I am hands on and looking after them. Unlike other dating agencies, if you’re not happy with the match, there will be no charge! My aim is to find everyone I take on, their perfect partner. A match made in heaven!!! I believe in Love and am lucky enough to be there. My aim is to spread the love and find it for you also!

Sharon introduced us three years ago. Because of my job I feel bad not putting up our names. But I have never been happier. We are together 2 years and have a little girl Avril, who was born in April.

We can not thank Sharon enough From us. I went on my first date I met Paul. I then went on my 2nd and 3rd but knew I’d like to see Paul again. Sharon pushed him to go out with me again. (He wasn’t impressed because he felt I dumped him). Without Sharon encouraging him I wouldn’t be with him now! Sharon gives it ALL! Michelle from Dublin

I met Helen through Sharon on my second date. Sharon told me I needed to basically “man up” and not to be such a softy that it made me look weak. She told me to give better eye contact and a stronger hand share.

Thank you Sharon for my new confidence…that was always there, but just needed to believe in myself. Helen and I are still together..I definitely feel it was through Sharon’s extra input. She really does care about all her clients! Bill from Cork age

Love you to bits Sharon. You are really like a sis I never had. You gave me hope when others were saying they wouldn’t take me on ! Jane from Cork

A Week in the life of TheMatchMaker

My last thoughts going to sleep at night is pairing couples & my first thoughts are pairing couples but I have my day down to a fine art.

My aim is to get it right every time and wake up to texts saying

“Had a brill date and seeing her/him again” and the very odd “fun but missed that spark” All in all out of 3 dates, my results are 80% success in dating at least one of the three dates.

I know I am doing a good job because 50% of my business comes from referrals.

I do think I’m the best dating agency out there why?

1. I see ALL my clients. I don’t believe I can see men and my partner see ladies. I MUST see all to link all.

2. I give advice after each date and feedback. It would be all constructive, with the aim to making the next date better and hopefully THE ONE.

3. If I don’t have someone on my books for you and I feel you are a genuine person who truly will be a good partner, I will put you on a waiting list or I will take you on and leave no stone uncovered until I find your match…your perfect match.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I am linking profiles through that gut feeling.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings I am networking and meeting clients. I sadly go to an opening of an envelope as there is nothing like people meeting me and building up trust so that they know I will do a good job. It is about trust all the way. You trusting me.

I know it is a big step to sign up to an agency. I am happy to say anyone who does go this far is genuine about finding love, about meeting that special person and hopefully falling in love. There is nothing better than loving and being loved.

So if you want to find out more and see have a that match for you, that will create that spark, call me..

Sharon 0860711711 and let’s find you love 🙂

The MatchMaker that makes perfect matches for genuine professional people

The MatchMaker that makes perfect matches for genuine professional people