VIP Dating Service

One hour Date Coaching Picture

“Are you fed up going out and not knowing why
you’re not meeting Mr/Mrs Right?”

I will meet you and advise you where you are going wrong. It could be as simple as getting you to believe in yourself and show you, you have the confidence to find your perfect partner.

“I met Sharon and was even unsure about signing up. I signed up went out on two dates. The feedback was amazing and although I thought we got on great, I was far from right sadly! I was so upset. Sharon came into town with me and was able to show me how I’m scaring the men off. This one hour coaching made my 3rd date work and we are still dating. Not saying your old Sharon(49 years young ;)), but nothing like your experience”. Mandy age 33.

“I am a good looking guy so they say. I have everything going for me and I didn’t know where I was going wrong. I met Sharon in Kielys in Dublin and boy was I blown away. Simple techniques changed my attitude and gave me more confidence. Tks Sharon”. John from Dublin aged 36.

“Sharon made me realise by holding back a little and not being so needy, that I am a great catch. Suppose I was so long out of the dating scene that I did come across as needy! Know I know any guy is lucky to have me. Thank you Sharon for making me appreciate myself.” Jennifer age 47 from Kildare.  
Cost €150

I always thought Mr/Mrs Right was just around the corner, sadly I have not met him/her yet… Picture

  • I will be your personal coach
  • I will see where you have your barriers up
  • I will go out on two evenings with & see what your doing right and wrong
  • I will set you up on 12 dates (over 6/12 months)
  • Cost €1,000
“I am 42 and want kids. I finally coped on get a helping hand. Sharon introduced me to Neil and hme makes me feel brill. What more can I say. The MatchMaker made it happen for me. A special friend for life as I shared stories with her I have not shared with anyone except Phil now!” Sarah from Dublin

Find me my Perfect Soulmate asap Picture

  • There is someone for everyone and if I feel I can work with you and your intentions are genuine I will find you your perfect soul mate.
  • I will organise dates every 2nd week
  • I shall show you photos/ video of date
  • I shall meet you once a month to make sure we are going the right way.
  • I shall show you in dept profiles
  • I shall make you a match made in Heaven
  • This covers you for up to two years of dating.

“I was very busy with work and time goes by so fast. I am not into the pub or club scene and at 39 I wanted a family. I went to Sharon and really believed she could help me. After 7 months she showed me a photo of Alice. I really was taken by her looks and was thrilled when her personality was as nice. We are together 9 months later. We are living together and planning a future. Best money I ever spent!” Denis from Dublin age 39.
Cost €10,000

Frequently asked Questions?

How much is it to meet you and go on your three date package?
€550 covers the meeting and three dates. Though if you introduce a friend of the opposite gender you get a friend free!

Why opposite gender?
Two reasons..I had a situation where I introduced one friend to a guy and the other friend fancied him. Then she was upset she didn’t date him… and nobody wants jealousy. I will not take two friends of the same gender on at the same time since!
Second reason, it means my numbers are more balanced! 🙂

What age are your clients?
Age is just a number. All you have to be is genuine about meeting your soulmate. No time wasters allowed!
Talk to me and make sure I have someone in your age bracket though!

Can I specify where I want the person to be from?
We do introductions/dating all around Ireland. I have a gent from Dublin who has relations in Cork and although usually goes out with Dublin ladies, he is looking forward to Cork introductions. So the answer is we set up dates nationwide. If I do not have anyone in the specific area, I will find that person for you if I feel you are are genuine and I can help.

Do I see a profile of the person?
Yes, I will send you their profile. It will not contain the persons full name, address or contact details. You have the right to say no, if you don’t like a specific thing. Then I shall keep going till we find that perfect match. Other agencies don’t do this but I believe it makes for better dating, even though it makes my job harder!

What do I need to bring?
Some photo ID, preferably a passport or driving licence.

How long does it take to sort my first date?
It is usually one to two weeks but I will know when you call me whether we have large or small numbers in your area, so feel free to call at your convenience 0860711711 Sharon…The MatchMaker.

Can I pay on line?
No because I need to meet you first.
1. To make sure you are genuine.
2. Because I get a better feel for you
3. Because people are more honest and open face to face so I can really find out the special things you are looking for!

There is someone for everyone… Let us give you a helping hand

Vip Dating

“I was fed up going to the pub and not meeting guys that I was interested in. I met Sharon who really made me feel she would get me out on dates. Met Andy three times now and getting on great. Watch this space 😉 Emma from Dublin age 33.

“I’m always been paired off by friends, with nice girls, but never the right one. I signed up for the 3 dates to start with. I then went for the 10 special package and met Aoife, who is a terrific lady! I still have 9 dates if I can sell them on?”. Paul from Dublin age 42….