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Just call/text me and I’ll tell you the best way to meet your Soul Mate. Why leave love to chance, when I’m only a text away.. 0860711711 with your name, age, location & watch love come your way! 

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Hi there, I am The MatchMaker, Sharon Kenny. I run the most successful Professional Dating Agency in Dublin, Ireland. I focus on You finding your Soulmate on the stunning Island of Ireland. I use all my gut feelings and skills to finding you the perfect partner. With outstanding success stories, I focus on one-on-one dating. I make perfect matches on a daily basis. The question is, Are You Ready To Meet Your Perfect Match!? If you are, your in the right place! We all know time is precious and feel free to call me with any questions you may have. But, in a nutshell the main package I recommend is … My Three Special Dates with three potential Ideal Partners:

  • I meet you..this takes about an hour
  • I go through your profile what you are looking for & more to the point, what you are not …
  • Throughout the meeting I add names who I feel may suit you. I am happy to show you their profile on the day so you get a feel for how it works.
  • I set you up on one introduction at a time. The idea being with your feedback I can improve on your perfect match each time. I also give you constructive criticism, if needed, to make sure your going the right way. 
  • The aim is to find that partner that ticks All your boxes.
  • This package cost €550 and lasts a year
  • If you haven’t met your match in these 3 dates and wish to try 6 dates in full. There is another €400 charge. You will know yourself inside out by this and 100% sure about who suits you!

After chatting to you 0860711711, I will get a feel for what you are looking for. In some cases it maybe just to get your confidence back, in other cases it maybe you have spent too much time working and not enough time looking after you. Help me get my MoJo back… Confidence is everything and if you feel you need to regain that spark in your approach, we take you out over three evenings and see where you are going right, going wrong and find out who you are attracted to. We will take no more than four people at a time and by the end of the three nights (once a week, with “homework” in between) we will have the opposite gender wishing you were their partner.
This package costs €250 call 0860711711 to find out when the next Nights out are on 🙂

MatchMaking Agency Dublin

Are you looking for a Genuine Partner? Are you fed up with pubs, dating on-line and ready to find your perfect match?
I can give you a helping hand! I meet you, I go through your profile…what exactly you are looking for in a genuine partner, from hobbies, interests to that gut feeling…THERE WILL be a spark!!

Dating Agency Dublin, Midlands, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry,Galway, Waterford, Westmeath, Kildare, Kilkenny and happy to say almost Nationwide!


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Every weekend couples come back thanking Sharon for Matchmaking them. What makes Sharon’s Dating Agency stand out from the others, talk to her and you will see.
“She is curious (always interested in you and what you are looking for) and without a doubt, Sharon is one of the most caring people I have met. She put me on hold when I wasn’t quite ready and now has me dating a terrific guy! Thank you Sharon” Jean from Cork.
“I didn’t think when I was going to be dating with the most cost effective dating agency, that I was going to get the best service. Sharon, you have earned your weight in gold.” from me Tom, my wife and our daughter Aoife.
I’m here to show you how to put the fun into your dating experience with an aim to find your Soul Mate 😉
“Sharon has a kind, personable approach second to none and makes you feel it is the best thing you have ever done! Why do people question investing in their love life, when it is the most important thing in our lives. She puts everything into helping and advising you about that special person for you. I’d highly recommend her. I was recommended by a friend, like most of you I guess.” Bill from Dublin.
Hopefully the next happy match will be YOU !!

Hope you like The MatchMaker Video

It really is all about your wish list for that perfect match and I’m only to happy to make you aware how realistic you are! Let me help you find your perfect match 🙂

Started as The Dublin Dating & Happily spreading the love Nationwide!

The Dating Agency who creates the perfect match… now let’s ignite the flame! When I meet you, only too happy to show you my daily success rate with couples, not only matchmaking them, but advising them how to make it a relationship that’s worth sticking with! 

I am known as the MatchMaker who won’t leave any stone unturned when looking for your perfect partner.

NO YOU DON’T NEED TO GO FOR SECOND BEST! I have been matchmaking for over 25 years now, from 5 friends going to their debs, to my sister-in-law to my best friend and all in happy relationships. Sadly, I only made a business of this 6 years ago. Sadly because I am told (and know it…without feeling like I’m bragging) that I do it well. I look after my clients as if they are my best friends or siblings. It brings me such joy to hear about the passion, love and happiness we bring into well deserving peoples lives.

 Client Testimonials

“Sharon not only found me the perfect man, which at 45 I doubted would ever happen, she listened to me through things I didn’t want to discuss with anyone else. I owe her so much!” Margaret from Dun Laoighaire.

“I have been with other dating agencies in Ireland and considered myself fussy! What makes Sharon out of the rest is she sees all men and ladies which is vital! Sharon is curious and caring and nearly too honest.” Ruth from Dublin, Age 36

  “Being deeply loved by someone gives you Strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Online Dating Agencies Dublin, really are more for those looking for a fling..

My agency is for those looking for their soulmate!your perfect match  Are you ready to find your courage? Let us help you find your perfect match. Sharon is here to talk to you now and see if you’re ready to meet your perfect match. Call 0860711711 and chat soon! and let’s find you that perfect partner!