Let’s find your soulamate

My approach

So I meet you and after hearing about your likes and dislike, what inspires you, what brings you down, I get a feel for what you are genuinely looking for. It’s up to me to make that link. It is so much about Mr/Mrs Right not Mr/Mrs Right now. I link your energy, your morals and values and hopefully I’ll find you a relationship where there is a spark too. I’ll find you that person who is looking for the same future as you who you will be happy to grow with as a couple.

So you read each others profiles. I’m different to other agencies, you do get to say ‘no’, could be for example you don’t like dogs. It could be distance. It could be simply height, width, no hair or to much hair. You know what you like and my job is to get as close as possible. My job is to handle your expectations and talk you through it.

After you go out on the date, might be coffee/drink or an early bird but I believe in keeping it simple. Be able to look into each others eyes and find that common bond. Let intimacy grow

How It Works

It starts with a chat

We chat first. I make sure you are in a good place for going forward. I get a feel for you and what you are looking for.


Choose a dating plan

We meet, and discuss your situation from hobbies to values and whatever you feel I should know about you. It takes about an hour. I don’t believe in rushing it.

Find your soulmate

I give feedback after each date and provide coaching and advise so that you can focus on what you are looking for. LOVE. 

It starts with you

We chat first. I make sure you are in a good place for going forward. I get a feel for you and what you are looking for.

We meet, and discuss your situation from hobbies to values and whatever you feel I should know about you. It takes about an hour. I don’t believe in rushing it.

My job is to handle your expectations if that means distance, height, background is a issue we will go with what suits you. Unlike other matchmakers, I give you my mobile and I am there for you even over the w.e. If you need to send we a question or ask me for advice, I am here for you all the way though.

My most popular package that can’t be beaten is four dates for €650 which includes all of the above. I have a very high success rate of 83% after these four dates.


Special – Starting your relationship

Coach you for 30 mins and see the best route for you to take. 

21 Days to Dating Plan                                                                

Attend at least 4 of our Single Events                                        

Webinars monthly free for a Year where you can ask anything   

Join our Facebook community with likeminded people to chat



“I am a private man and this is so outside my comfort zone but I will do it for Sharon. I met Fiona and thought how did I deserve such a fine lady. She really does tick all my boxes. It was not only the matchmaking but Sharon’s advice and encouragement was second to none”.

Brian, aged 61

“Sharon introduced to John 2 years ago. I have no doubt I would not be with him now only for her. She even helped me get back with him when we broke up. She could see what was missing and stopped me running away from the situation . We have something very special and are getting married in August. Thanks Shazza for getting me to cop on”

Yvonne, aged 29

“Sharon met me at her home and made me instantly feel very comfortable. I was with another agency in town before and just felt like I was just another number so it was vital to me to feel that trust. We chatted and Sharon told me so much about myself that I had not realised. It made me a lot more confident about getting out there again. I did go on three dates and found them to click most of my boxes. Funny but I did set up my second date with a pal and they are still together. When I met David, I really thought he was great fun. I am married to him now.”

Marie, aged 47

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to meet you and go on your three date package?

€550 covers the meeting and three dates. Though if you introduce a friend of the opposite gender you get a friend free!

Why opposite gender?

Two reasons..I had a situation where I introduced one friend to a guy and the other friend fancied him. Then she was upset she didn’t date him… and nobody wants jealousy. I will not take two friends of the same gender on at the same time since!
Second reason, it means my numbers are more balanced! 🙂

What age are your clients?

Age is just a number. All you have to be is genuine about meeting your soulmate. No time wasters allowed!
Talk to me and make sure I have someone in your age bracket though!

Can I specify where I want the person to be from?

We do introductions/dating all around Ireland. I have a gent from Dublin who has relations in Cork and although usually goes out with Dublin ladies, he is looking forward to Cork introductions. So the answer is we set up dates nationwide. If I do not have anyone in the specific area, I will find that person for you if I feel you are are genuine and I can help.

Do I see a profile of the person?

Yes, I will send you their profile. It will not contain the persons full name, address or contact details. You have the right to say no, if you don’t like a specific thing. Then I shall keep going till we find that perfect match. Other agencies don’t do this but I believe it makes for better dating, even though it makes my job harder!

What do I need to bring?

Some photo ID, preferably a passport or driving licence.

How long does it take to sort my first date?

It is usually one to two weeks but I will know when you call me whether we have large or small numbers in your area, so feel free to call at your convenience 0860711711 Sharon…The MatchMaker.

Can I pay on line?

No because I need to meet you first.
1. To make sure you are genuine.
2. Because I get a better feel for you
3. Because people are more honest and open face to face so I can really find out the special things you are looking for!

Don't wait any longer. Find your soulmate today!


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