What ladies really want in a Man

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Do looks matter?

Of course they do…from the start but it will not be the thing that holds you together.

You have often seen a stunner on an below average looking guy and why?

Noooo…It’s not all about money, it’s about his attitude.

Ladies love

1. Confidence

2. Fun

3. Comfortable Energy, a guy happy in his own skin.

It is definitely not all about looks for ladies.

Where do some guys go wrong?

My favourite movie ever is HITCH. It really shows is a guy tries to hard that the ladies get bored. It really is about a bit of a chase and finding that common ground or opposite ground which can also work!

Even middle ground for the guys, where they make you feel special. They are interesting and interested in you. They make you laugh and you feel that overall feeling of contentment! That warm feeling of being needed!

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